Tennessee Rheumatology Society

President’s Award

TRS President Award Recipients

2019 Recipient Howard A. Fuchs, MD
  • 2019 Howard A. Fuchs, MD
  • 2018 Linda K. Myers, MD
  • 2017 S. Bobo Tanner, MD
  • 2016 Andrew Kanz, MD
  • 2013 Charles R. Arkin, MD
  • 2012 Arnold Posthlewaite, MD
  • 2011 John Paty, MD
  • 2010 Joseph Huston, MD
  • 2009 John Sergent, MD
  • 2008 Jacob Aelion, MD
  • 2007 Stan Kaplan, MD
  • 2006 Alex Townes, MD

Award Requirements

  1. There shall be one awardee per year.
  2. Potential awardees shall be Board Certified in Rheumatology and is currently or previously residing in the State of TN.
  3. Potential awardees shall have contributed significantly to the field of Rheumatology through scholarly, research (basic and clinical), educational, administrative, and community service.
  4. Potential awardees shall have contributed to improving patient care in Rheumatology practice and advancing the role of Rheumatology within the extended medical profession in the State of TN and beyond.